I found the perfect location for mountain shots. 3 Finger Jack, Black butte amd Mt Washington

I have been looking for the perfect viewing area  of the mountains and I think I finally found it. Last winter my friend and I realized that their might be a good spot up the canyon wall from the trail in the Fryrear canyon. But how to get up there. Over the summer we have tried several different access points but not until tonight have we gotten to the end of this plateau. What was before us was an open area and full views of the mountains. From Broken Top north to Mt Jefferson. Since it was evening and there had been a prescribed burn in the west it was a bit hazy. I am thinking that a nice early morning would give us clear skies and a bit later in the fall, there should be more snow on the peaks.
unfortunately we could not wait for the afterglow as it was a bit tricky getting down and we wanted to be on the main trail before dark.
The hike out was nice just the right temp and light. when we got to the end This big full moon came out of the Junipers.

full moon in the junipers

The Possibilities in this canyon are Endless, the more open minded  I am