On my way to Eugene I drive along the McKenzie river. This time of year there is so much color with the blue water the varied colors of the leaves and the ferns. I have elected to stop at a different place as our get out and stretch spot. This time my plan was Koosah Falls but I missed the turn off so choose the bridge at Deer Creek. We found a good spot to park just before the bridge, and there was a nice little trail we had to check out. I might have been attracted by the fiery leaves






    and yet the trail beckoned.

While we did come to the river here it wasn’t a great spot to photograph and I wanted to check out the view from the bridge.
and the view didn’t disappoint.
Across the bridge was an even nicer trail heading both directions along the riverbank,  since our goal was Eugene and some shopping we didn’t have time to really check out the trail.
  There was even some prescribed burning going on and I found it quite photogenic. Loved the smoke lifting through the maple and firs.
After a nice day of visiting with my family and shopping it was time to head home but not before one last stop
  I don’t know why I never took photos of this dam years ago because now I find it quite interesting.
All I can say is that I need to schedule a trip back to this place next week.  Chores can wait. Or maybe I better do them this week before my days off.