This is my 3rd or 4th trip to this Aspen Grove. I can’t remember but what the heck who is counting.
This grove is part of a fire prevention project and I have enjoyed each different view of it when I stop there. Gonna be interesting to see what is in it’s future.
But for now my photography partners and I spent a couple hours taking photos on Black Friday. I love close ups. I love looking down, and looking up, and yep I remember to look eye level too.
It was a chilly morning  and I loved the frost coating the fallen aspen leaves
There is a nice mix of Aspen and Ponderosa Pine in this spot. There is a small clear stream that meanders through the trees providing much needed water.
Many of the trees have been marked and initialed over the years.
    And many have not.
The forest floor is littered with old trees, leaves, pine needles and what have you.
And yet within that debris is life. This years leaves and debris become food and shelter for this falls mushrooms. and the mushrooms break down and become food for the aspens.
Life goes on in this little grove of Aspens
And I am hoping I can photograph it.