I usually do a pretty broad New Year Resolution. Something I know I won’t break. You know put up more fruit and veggies next summer or Go Hiking more…
This year I didn’t really do one until today. This last year, I started taking some of my photographs and making photo notecards out of them. I admit I am having great fun with them, but… today… not so much.
I recognize that Etsy is a hard nut to crack and it takes a while to get established with them. I also recognize that with the advent of e-mail and social media people don’t write notes much anymore. But this is something I had been wanting to do for a very long time, and in the last couple of years things just came together for me to make the jump. I have been able to keep up with my costs and Etsy’s fees. Trying to pay them weekly. Not so hard except that Etsy came up with a new financial program where if you made a sale they would take out their fees first. And they did away with the manual pay ability making you do their automatic payment program which you could opt out of but you couldn’t continue on if you did. I feel like I have lost control of the financial end of my store. I am totally stressed.

A walk along Sage Ranch Road was in order. I need to get my stressed head straight. It was a long walk and the dogs enjoyed it. I made some resolutions.
1. I have a perfectly good website that is paid for. I need to figure out how to use it to sell my cards. Not just promote Etsy but to sell from the site.
2. Continue with Etsy as they are a well recognized search engine but not put as much stock in it. Instead of listing that I have 20 cards , say that I have only 5 and list the rest on the web site.
3. Get started on the remodel of the kitchen.
4. Use my Facebook page more to promote both the web and Etsy, and do more pinning of both sites.
5. Turn off the auto relisting of my cards on Etsy until I can get control of the financial end of the store. And that way I can reorganize the cards back into the groups I want them in. The randomness was also stressing me out.

I now have 148 different cards to list or listed. I also have combined some of the cards into sets, making my possible listings total 168+.
I have 44 new cards that I just started listing here are a sample of some of them. Some of these are listed now and some are not yet. But will be soon.

This evening when I accessed my webpage I came in from the word press side rather than the back end, and found explanations on some of my issues with the web site. Cool in the next few weeks I hope to have all 168+ items listed in a new and improved Deanne Dements Photos. Maybe even a shopping cart.
In the mean time when I get stressed I can rip out the cabinets in the kitchen. As soon as I figure out where to put the coffee mugs.