Since the first of January I have not been happy with my Etsy account. Some of the things are beyond my control, others are within my control. I realized that my titles were not that strong, so I have gone through all 150+ of them and moved words around. I have adjusted my relisting to manual listing, on a few of my older cards so that I can control when they come back, because that was a bit of my problem with the financial end of their program. I also dropped the number of each cards available to 10 or so. All of them have much more that that available, but some I want to make into sets and I want to be able to sell my cards on this web site. To do that I had to have some set aside.
Another thing I can control is promoting my listings. I have noticed that I have better views on days when I post from my web or My Facebook page, than I get just letting Etsy do their job.
So here are some of the cards I listed earlier this week. I was going for a farm and farm fresh theme. So in this posting I am also putting in some of the cards listed earlier.

I also went for some of my fall set up photos in cards.

And finally Today I worked on my bicycle theme that is under the transportation section.

All of these cards can be found in my Etsy account

I hope you enjoy my posts and check out my cards