Yesterday when I came up with the idea to do the personal photo challenge it was sunny, the wind was blowing and it was cold but the day was bright and clear.
Today was a different day. It was dark and cloudy and also cold. It was lightly snowing, and got heavier as we continued on. It wasn’t miserable though, it was kinda nice. As long as my hair was around my ears that is.( I have given up haircuts till I can afford them.)
I could lighten up this photo but it truly was this dark looking. I have my ISO set at 800 and that did give me almost enough speed to catch the germies in motion. but not much depth of field with the F stop at 5.6.
This photo however was not my chosen photo or should I say Photos.
These were:

These large Boulders have shown up in my posts before. They are my favorite and bring to mind many questions. The biggest is how did they get here? This is 2 large Boulders sitting on a third one that is mostly buried in the ground. They were collecting the light snow. but not holding much.

This Second photo is an old burned out Juniper snag that is near the beginning of the trail head. I took this shot as we were finishing it was just starting to collect the falling snow as well. As we left the sun came out, that only lasted about an hour and it was gone again.
Tonight the weather forecast is for clearing and tomorrow morning it is supposed to be clear, bright and Cold. we will see. Better make sure I have a hat or ear muffs, along with a pair of nice warm gloves.