I have been thinking about places to go, later this spring and this summer. I need to make a list. Places to go for wildflowers, places I haven’t been. before, and places I need to go back to.
So far this winter the places I want to go  haven’t had enough snow to try snow shoeing or too much snow to get to. I did get out this last two weeks, more to see what was there than to take photos.
The first one was Tumalo Reservoir. Now I have driven past this many times, but never took the time to see what I might be able to photograph. There was no water in the reservoir, right now and we were able to walk around. the mountain views were incredible
The clouds were out and about and I knew that I would not get many good mountain shots but  I was really happy with the ones I did get.
A different angle on the Sisters and 3 creeks butte than I get going up Sage Ranch Rd Butte.
Then we came around the reservoir to the outlet and there were willows and other brush and trees getting ready to bud. I loved the layers
Cant wait to see this spot when the trees leaf out.
This week I ran into the same problem that the mountains were all hiding in the clouds, but I had a plan and while it would have been nice if Mt Jefferson had come out of the clouds, I was happy with my photos anyway.
I decided on the balancing rocks of Lake Billy Chinook. I had been there a couple summers ago but it was way to hot to explore. This time it was a bit chilly.
The light was almost perfect,  and I hope to go back a bit later this spring to maybe get the  arrow balsam root flowers in bloom.
So these two places are on my list to go back  to this year. Maybe sunsets. Maybe spring,mid summer late fall.
I am still working on that list. and I plan on posting it