Today was another day of learning new things. Because I am farsighted I have been having a hard time with the screen of my laptop. It has been even harder to go back to my photos and process them. Finally In frustration I ordered a new larger monitor to work with my laptop. It arrived today. Ohhh Wow the color is incredible and I don’t have to strain to see the photos or words on my posts. I am really liking this.
last week when I was dusting I found the tele converter for my macro lens. I had tried it on one of my other digital cameras and it would not work. There it was sitting on my desk so I decided to give it a try with this camera. YES!!! it works great. Now I can do 1:1 ratio with small things like little wild flowers.

The white flower close ups are Desert Sand Lilies, The magenta one is a dwarf monkey flower and the purple one is called Blue mustard though I learned is as cruciferae.