Today I didn’t have time to go take photos of anything. So my decision was to go through my archives and pick some photos that I have not shared, and make a post.

Reflections of bridges crossed and photos taken is sometimes a good thing. This is one of my favorite photos from a trip that didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. The day was hot and there were a lot of people trying to hike the river trail. So I need to reflect on what went right for this trip and what I accomplished. Would I take this hike again? Absolutely. I might choose to take the route differently or break it into smaller sections. I might consider taking this trip in the fall with different colors in the reflections. I might consider taking this hike earlier in the summer before the crowds get large. I just need to change my thinking on what I am trying to accomplish. The nice thing is that this trail head is the start of a couple hikes in different directions.
I loved this view of the river. It is the bridge that crosses the McKenzie river at the Carman reservoir.

It is always good to stop, get your bearings and figure out what direction you want to go. It is good to take stock of what is working and what is not. Get rid of some ideas and equipment. Get new equipment and learn to use it. Learn what works and what does not. Explore new trails and different Points of View. If something doesn’t work try looking at it from a different angle. Be adventurous.
This is a shot of North Sister and Middle Sister from the Dee Wright Observatory. There is a compass on top that names all the mountains and buttes you can see from that spot.

My featured photo was of sparks lake with South Sister and Broken Top.