Everyday I go hiking in this canyon and on Sage Ranch Butte. The germies insist on their morning run. After A while I get tired trying to photograph it and come up with something new. Sometimes the mountains are covered in a bank of clouds. It is truly winter up there. I don’t take my camera. I lean against my favorite boulders close my eyes and calm my mind enjoying the warmth of the sun even if the temps are in the 20’s. Collecting natural Vitamin D and calming my mind.
This morning before we left for our hike, I realized that I have been taking the same lens every time. So I switched to the longer 55-300mm lens and since the mountains were out I photographed them

Broken Top and 3 creeks butte

South Sister the baby of all of our Cascades

North and Middle Sisters. Both older Volcanos that are considered extinct.
All of these shots came from Sage Ranch butte along the canyon edge which is a volcano older than all of these Cascades.
So by changing my lens I changed my view and my perspective. A clear sunny morning didn’t hurt either.