There was a high thin overcast when the germies and I went out for our morning run. Photography did not look promising. We went down into the canyon and then I decided what the heck and climbed up to the top. I knew that the mountains were out even if there was not a lot of light I could still photograph the 3 sisters maybe some of the others, Jefferson as usual was not cooperating. We wandered across the backside of the butte, I had an idea to maybe photograph Cline Buttes from there. A general thought that I might write about the 3s of nature. As the germies and I wandered the sun began to find the holes in the overcast skies and the mountains were each catching some of the rays.
The 3 Sisters first.

Mt Washington was still in the clouds

Soon it came out of the clouds but was still in their shadow

and then the sun hit it as well

Jefferson was briefly hit by the sunlight but most of it was in the clouds. So after several attempts I gave up. I haven’t figured out why this spot is so hard to photograph Jefferson where the rest stop on Hwy 20 further south is great.