It was 19 degrees this morning. I started the car and moved it so that the windows would thaw out in the sun. No Issues. About an hour later I loaded the germies started the car and took off for our usual hiking spot. Turned the corner and the Check Engine light came on. Now What??? The car is running fine, the engine is smooth and quiet, it is shifting like it is supposed to…. I had taken the car into the shop last week for an oil change every thing was fine. What is up??? I continued on to the trail head and shut off the car. No Issues. Started it again No Issues. Grabbed the camera and hit the trail to my favorite rocks. But I am not inspired. I am feeling Blue… I think the car is fine but I should take it in and have a diagnostic run on it. That is however not a cheap check. I don’t have the funds for something like that. We reach the big rocks and I lean back close my eyes and just try to be calm. It is working. I decide that I should be thinking about getting my notecards back up and running in the web store. Maybe not now but soon. I collect some Vitamin D from the sun and I am feeling better. It is time to go back to the car. I haven’t clicked the camera once. I haven’t even turned it on. I am feeling calm and peaceful. I notice a piece of Red Jasper on the trail I pick it up and put it in my pocket. I haven’t ever noticed any jasper here before. Picking up interesting rocks is nothing new for me. At least this one fit in my pocket. Most of the rocks on the trail are lava and round worn down by weather water and ice over the centuries. Some are still rough and probably came down from the butte or canyon walls later. I am feeling much better and I notice the yellow tan of the rabbit brush and the chartreuse of the moss on the ground beside it. On goes the camera and I click away. I am feeling much better. Continuing on I spot some of the round rocks on the trail all of them are lava or a low grade obsidian, I take the jasper out of my pocket and drop it with them because it is smooth shiny and flat.

What forces of Nature created all of these different rocks and how long has it been happening?
Feeling much better I continue back to the car. Load the germies start the car and away we go home. The car is running fine.