This morning was a foggy morning. when you are used to waking up with sunshine in your window, it is a bit disheartening to see gray skies. However the chance to get photos of the junipers in the fog is good. This fog was not very heavy but was good enough to photograph. I hadn’t been taking my camera out for a couple days so it was way past time. I took lots of fog/scenery photos but was not really inspired. We went to the 3 large rocks where I usually pause lean against them and think or just clear my mind. As I was leaning I noticed the orange lichen on the canyon walls and the chartreuse moss on the Juniper snags. I was on the lookout for more color in the fog.

The rust and black colors on the large bounders

The tans blacks yellows and soft greens along the trail

When we got home I notice more color that I had walked past when we headed for the car

So what started out as a gray uninspiring day became quite colorful when I started looking.