Last night there was fog, and it was in the lower 20’s when I went to bed. This morning there was just a light touch of the fog, and the trees were covered in frost from the moisture. One minute it is all frosty and the next the sun hits the trees and it is gone.
I had not set a destination in mind just to hit the trail and then climb the canyon hillside and look west.

That is when I spotted this Ponderosa Pine tree shining in the sunlight covered with hoar frost. Looking west on the left is Black Crater and on the right is Mt Washington. Both still in the clouds. I knew exactly where that Pine tree is, because I use it as a navigation anchor when I am hiking in the canyon. I have only found a handful of these Pine trees all of them younger than this one and all of them along the same barbwire fence that this tree is. I decided to hike along the canyon rim and get closer to the tree before the frost melted.

It was time to head back but I decided to stop at the large rocks and soak up a bit of the morning sun.
I also decided to play with the self timer on my camera, propping the camera on a rock I set the timer and ran back to the 3 rocks. the Germies decided to see what I was doing. The youngest decided to check out the beeping camera instead. She has nice ears and a bushy tail.