It was another foggy morning kinda all one color pastel gray. Scraping the ice off the car let me know that there had been more moisture in the fog than the days before. Good conditions for hoar frost on Snags.
The temp was 21 degrees and perfect if you were bundled up. I went to the three rocks and cleared my mind. Which on a morning like this was pretty easy. Then we headed up the west side of the butte, and angled back towards Sage Ranch road. I knew where the snags were that I wanted to photograph so had no problems navigating the butte.

Not all of the snags were Juniper. This one was an old dead Sagebrush or Bitterbrush, there are a lot of both in this area. The frost made it look like it had thorns but the minute the sun hit it they were gone.
After a while I noticed that the sky was getting lighter and the sun was breaking through the fog. The 3 sisters mountains were just beginning to peak out from under the clouds

Then there was just blue sky, a bit of clouds and frost.

The moon was setting and I was able to capture it.

Just a perfect day for chasing frost on Snags