The light was kinda funny today. Not unusual, I see it frequently this time of year. The clouds are stacked up behind the mountains and are kind of a steel gray. The mountains are bright white but shaded by clouds between the sun and the mountains the sky above me is blue and the sun is to the east shining . As you can see in this photo the sun was only hitting the tip of Mt Jefferson and all the other mountains are in the shade.
Today I had decided to take my Macro lens along on the hike because the photos I took yesterday were just not good enough. Stopping off at the 3 rocks I leaned back soaked up the sun that was shining where I was, and contemplated what I was going to photo. My cleared mind said go further into the canyon. So I did.

This portion of the canyon wall always catches my attention because the layers are different from other parts of the canyon. They are a visual testament that this area was made by cataclysmic Forces within the Earth. Other portions of the canyon walls are smoother and larger boulders.

And as always somebody has to photobomb my shots.
But back to my plan for the day. Closeups

It is a harsh land they live in and each plant has adapted to survive the heat dry cold and frosty temperatures. Blooming and expanding when ever there is moisture in the air.
when I got home I noticed that there was melted frost drops on the grass growing in my flowerbed.

Love the subtle colors covered with water.