Day 3 of my challenge and unlike yesterday’s gray start this morning was clear and crisp. As in 17 degrees. My decision was to climb Sage ranch Rd Butte and maybe get some frosty trees. But the sun had been up long enough that the frost had melted. So instead of climbing to the top of the sage ranch I continued north and climbed over the back side, towards another butte about a mile over. This butte is higher and I had been looking at that butte from my house and trying to figure out how to get to it. Last spring I actually figured out the shortest distance and today seemed like a good day to go to the top. I was hoping to maybe get a good view of Mt Jefferson and maybe even Mt. Hood. I did get a good view of Jefferson but only the tip of Hood. The light was as usual wrong for Jefferson but that was ok because the light for the 3 Sisters was Fantastic.
After a while and lots of exploring I decided that it was time to head back south to Sage ranch Butte and the canyon. Maybe even find that snag that I photographed during the Solar eclipse and then earlier this spring. Of course I found it, so photo number 2 is my other favorite.

This photo shows a prescribed burn that wasn’t in my earlier photo. I originally tried to eliminate that but realized that it is part of our culture here in Central Oregon.
2 1/2 hours after the germies and I started our hike we got back to the car. The temp had gone from 17 degrees to 45 degrees. The clouds were rolling in and… Rain or snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Who knows what I will decide to photograph tomorrow.