Day 4 and the weather is kinda sunny, kinda cloudy and in the 40’s. The mountains are hiding behind that big bank of clouds but the junipers on the butte are in the sunshine. Melvin butte is drifting in and out of the clouds. Trying to decide where to go and what to photograph is getting harder. But every morning the germies and I go out to Sage Ranch Rd and burn off some energy. So we climbed up the side a bit and then back down to the road where I ambled back to the car while the germies raced everywhere.
The trick is to remember to take the camera along.
A few days ago I noticed some of the Asters were still standing. The flowers are long gone but the dried stems and calyx were still standing catching the frost and as in today the sun

So this would be today’s photo of the day.
Tomorrow will be another day and the germies will be ready for another run