At the trail head of sage ranch rd into Fryrear canyon, there is a large juniper tree that is growing on a rock wall. One day I had an idea that I could get a photo of a vase in the nooks and ledges of that rock wall. Months later I found the perfect turquoise vase. Many months later I finally decided to take the vase and photograph it.

There are so many colors and shapes and textures.

The morning light was pretty harsh, but I was enjoying the challenge. Pretty soon I walked around to the side of this large rock wall and found a burned snag. The burn portion was pretty much hidden and I didn’t see it at first. I loved the different textures of the cowboy wood and the moss

Finally I went on to the rocks I call the sentinels. I would love to know the forces that deposited these rocks in this spot. They are well over 7 feet tall , five feet deep, and probably weigh a few tons.
I figured the turquoise vase would look cool against the red rocks, and I was right.

I think I will have to try this project again with maybe a softer light. Maybe with snow.