So today unlike yesterday was not totally gray and dreary. It was raining and the sun was shining, there was a bright rainbow, then it was gone and it was pouring rain. I definitely did not want to go outside and I was not in the mood to take the germies out for a run in the mud and the rain. But here is the thing by challenging myself, I have to go out and do something or stay in and do something, otherwise I will just get twisted and frozen like last summers morning glory vines and I will no longer bloom. At a certain point I don’t really notice the rain dripping down my neck or that my jeans are wet at the ankles or that my coat is soaking wet. I am having fun.

This sunflower head is dead the seeds have been plucked out and eaten by the chickadees the pine siskins and several other birds. Even when I was out photographing they were calling and chattering in the juniper trees, checking out the sunflower heads for more seeds, encouraging me to go on and find something else to photograph. It is raining harder now and I am glad that I wore my hiking boots rather than my tennis shoes my feet are dry and I am bouncing around on the rocks in the front yard having a great time. finding lots of things to photograph. I have a sense of direction

Though I am not sure which direction I am being sent in… No matter I am having Fun.
That rain has changed to snow so who knows what I will come up with tomorrow