I have all my notecards listed and ready to purchase on Etsy.  30 note cards and 4 sets of 8 notecards. Now I am working on the next 30 cards. I have them picked out, processed, and then taken in to Amanda and the rest of the team at Press Pro’s In Bend Oregon, for printing.  I swear I nearly hyperventilated when I made the first call to Press Pro’s, but now that I have my third order in, I am a happy camper, in that I accomplished something that stressed me so.  They made it easy for me and I feel so positive about this that I am now thinking in my mind maybe Journals? Calendars?  Possibly taking my cards to shops? (hyperventilation time again)
But first let’s get my inventory built up and more note cards listed on Etsy.
I have an Idea for a set of cards about scenes from Oregon. So I dipped into my photos from couple years ago, and some new photos I took a couple months ago.  They include several of the classics. Crater lake, Painted Hills and Sparks lake.

I love to do close up work, flowers, wild flowers, and other plant life are often the focus of my attention. A trip to the Old Mill District in Bend Oregon with another photographer resulted in a couple shots. Some poppies in Sisters Oregon gave me other glowing subjects. The barley grass at the painted hills and a meadow filled with flowers on Cone Peak resulted in so many photos. that some I really, really loved got left behind in the to do file.  Hikes in the cool forest resulted in white flowers, and on the meadow much more colorful red and blue flowers. Green leaves on fir needles. Red and yellow fall colored leaves from last fall round out this selection.

On to harvest season. A pile of pumpkins ready for Halloween and a bushel of peaches ready eating
Winter is on the horizon and there is nothing like a good snow day. Maybe not for bicycling but writing notes?

Last week was the Annual Sisters Quilt show. As a quilter, I appreciate fine work and detail. As a photographer I appreciate bright colors and complex designs. None of these quilts were mine and I chose to not photo the whole quilts but parts of them.
and lastly I chose the reflections of the flags from the pedestrian bridge in the Deschutes river.

Next week I am going out hiking.  4 days, 4 different hikes. I am planning on taking so many photos of Oregon, that I, again have trouble picking out potential note cards. I am however, confident in the belief that I can sell these cards. The summer season is slow for online sales and I know that. Perfect for getting my stock ready. My goal is 1000 different listings. I can do this. I can sell them all.

Check out my Etsy Shop for my current listings
I would love to hear your comments and maybe make a sale or two