In Sisters Oregon there is a quilt show that comes along once a year. It is always the second Saturday of July. As a quilter I always enjoy other peoples work. As a photographer I love photographing other quilters work.

I have always wanted to make a quilt using the primary color wheel but with all that I do I never got around to it. It seemed that this year the theme was these colors and they were well represented. I loved the fine detailed quilting on this heart in primary colors  and I photographed  the quilt close to show the amount of fine quilting work that really made it stand out to me. I didn’t show the full heart because I didn’t need to, you can see it in the design.

The prints will be printed at the time of the order and signed on the lower right hand corner.

The Photographs are printed on a professional Acid Free Exhibition Luster or Metallic Pearl glossy paper .