Today I didn’t get out and take any photos, so I decided to look back on last summer and  remember other summers in the past. When You live in an area that is impacted by a fire history and you volunteer with a local  Fire Department, fire is a big part of your life. You stay at home because you might miss a good call. Every lightning storm is a call to action. You are ready with your FD colors on your leather lace up fire boots at the ready, and in my case a fresh pot of coffee in my thermos.
This summer  just wasn’t great for hiking. Fire season hit us with a smoky vengeance. It will be interesting to see what changes will have been made by the many fires in the areas I hiked last year and in years past.

Last summer was a good one for hiking. and I was thankful I got the chance to go back up to canyon creek. It was beautiful. Lush meadow and cool rushing stream heading on it’s way

Then you walk around a corner in the trail and you are in the old Bear Fire scar.
This fire is more than a decade old and one half of a bigger fire called B&B fire. Today those scars are still vivid and visible.
But look a bit closer there is regrowth 
Mother nature has a plan and it is much bigger than us. It starts with new trees and flowers growing in areas protected by down burned trees. Soon everything is like it was before.
Next year the scars from the Millie fire, the Nash fire, the Separation Fire and the many other fires in my favorite hiking areas will be very visible and fresh,  but what about 10 years from now or 50 years.. will there be new growth will it look like it did before the fires or will it be forever scared.
I guess there is only one way to answer those questions and that is to go hiking with my camera and find out.