Part 1 of yesterday’s trip was searching for the wild Rhododendrons. I found them just where I expected to and hoped to find some on the small spur road off the McKenzie Highway. I was there for the first time last fall, and hoped that I remembered some rhody bushes in that area. I did. This was the best shot I found. Truly this was not what I was searching for on this stop.

The last time we were there was in the fall and we walked a bit on the dirt road that runs parallel to the highway and the McKenzie river. I wanted to see if it went all the way to Blue Pool /Tamolitch Falls. I knew we didn’t have time to make it to the falls but an hour or two in the area would be fine.

The germies Loved it. It was shady and there were lots of smells, things to explore. Susan and I loved it. It was peaceful, no other people around. Just us, the dogs the sound of the river, and the birds. Everything is green

Not a lot of colorful flowers but the leaves provided enough color, shapes, and visual stimulation.

After about 30 minutes of walking, we came to the end of the road, and a couple empty camping sites.

This was the closest we got to the river on the whole hike, Much easier to get down the steep bank than it would be getting back up.
I did notice a small creek that ran into the river and what appeared to be a trail to it from the end of the road. Sure enough we quickly came up the little stream bubbling between large mossy rocks on it’s way to the McKenzie.

After about 10 minutes of playing with the camera and the little waterfalls, slipping on the rocks, smacking my elbow and camera, and testing the waterproofness of my new boots, it was time for Susan the germies and I to head back to the car.

The trail continued on North, we turned around and headed south.
I think we will have to spend more time here, another summer day trip.