Every morning I take the germies for their run on Sage Ranch Rd, or up Sage Ranch Rd Butte or up the trail into the Fryrear Canyon or just cross country anywhere in that area. I know the area well and am confident on hiking in that area because I know my landmarks. Every day I see this butte from my back deck, but it is not Sage Ranch Rd Butte it is slightly to the north east. I have scoped it out from the canyon rim where the backside of Sage Ranch Rd Butte meets the canyon . I can hike the lower canyon trail around this place but it is a long ways and doesn’t go directly to the butte.
A couple months ago I figured out that if I climb the backside of the sage butte and over in a north east trek I could come to an area that gently slopes down into the draw shortening the trip in half.
Today I decided to take my camera for our morning walk and experiment with a higher ISO speed, and faster shutter speeds. The germies were my subjects because they move fast. I learned my craft with ISO 64 and 25 speed films it is foreign to me to use anything faster. With the digital camera the speeds don’t go that low, and in fact they don’t need to. So I have learned 100 and if I was daring maybe 200 ISO. Today’s challenge was to use 800 ISO. A long ways from the days of 64 ISO.

It was a bright blue sunny morning. I got my new boots on

The Germies are ready to go

It is time to start climbing Sage Ranch Rd Butte

Part way up the butte and the view is fine.

Now that we are here why don’t we go on over to the other side and check out the view of Mt Jefferson

After all we are up here and it is not that far.

The views from here are just incredible of 3 finger Jack, Black Butte and Mt Jefferson.

the Marum leaved Buckwheat is blooming up here.

Germies found a nice shady spot while I was taking photos.

and look we are just a little ways from that other butte.
Lets give it a try girls we won’t go up all the way …

The view from here is incredible. I noticed that there was a small trail that appeared to go from the main canyon trail part way up Sage Ranch Rd Butte, but I could not see where it connected at.

First I had to check out this flower. I had seen a similar one along the roadside on highway 126 but had never been able to get to it.
This is called Blazing Star or Mentzelia Laevicaulis. The description talked about stinging hairs on the leaves but I didn’t see any. I didn’t touch either.
While I was checking out the flower the germies were checking out the large rocks

While we were heading down the butte I had to photograph this Mariposa lily.
Soon we were climbing up Sage Ranch Rd Butte and I turned around for a last photo from the trail Looking back. I never did figure out where that trail went.

Since we were almost at the canyon wall we hiked over and checked out the view

Love this view. And the canyon trail is right there waiting for us.

It was time to head back down into the canyon and walk out back to the car. Though It probably would have been shorter had we stayed on the canyon rim instead. And cooler with the breeze.

finally we ended up at the trail head 2 hours after we started.

It was a Great Day and a Great Hike.
As for the higher ISO Speed. I loved the speed of the camera but probably will go back to the lower 200 range for hikes like this one. In the shade of the trees on the west side however… Who knows.