I have been looking for the perfect spot to photograph the Cascades. You know  a different angle for the same thing, that nobody else is likely to have.  An area I can get to quickly or relatively quickly.   A bit of hiking is ok and even preferred. Not a lot of people in the area so Aurora can run while I take photos. In other words The wide open BLM Cline Buttes / Canyon area.  I can hop in the car and be at the trail head in 5 minutes or less.I admit that I found the perfect spot slightly more than a year ago, but I couldn’t figure out how to climb up a 100 ft. canyon  wall.  I could see areas that looked like animal trails but I am not a mountain goat. Finally last summer I found  a couple spots you could climb up to the top of the canyon. However with the smoky summer there was no mountains visible. I did get up there for the eclipse though.
I tried to remember where the track went up and figured out that a photograph of the old juniper snag where the trail went up was perfect. So on one of our evening trips, out came the phone camera and click I have a landmark I can refer to. At least going up.

As trails go it is quite rough but If you are careful not to bad. Aurora thought it was fine.  (You can see the trail down below in the second photo)
At least this trip I remembered to photograph the Juniper snags at the top so we would know where to go back down. Those phone cameras are pretty good for recording landmarks.
On this day the skies were blue with a light high overcast. The mountains were playing with the white clouds and Sure enough there was the Cascade mountain views I thought would be here.
Everything from Broken Top to Mt Jefferson
Now to get some good shots of the mountains playing with the clouds. and maybe a storm or two. As long as I don’t get struck by lightning it is all good !!!