I admit with the whole Covid thing and having no income, I have had issues, this year. In the early Spring when I should have been thinking about planting seeds, I couldn’t get enthused. I figured I would just buy some larger tomatoes and get a head start on my garden. Well Home Depot had some ok tomatoes and they were kinda spendy but I bought 2. and Wilco had a lot of nicer plants and they were half the price of the ones at Home Depot and I bought 3 tomato plants, some melons and squash plants. I held on to them for a couple weeks till the last frost usually happens. The second Saturday night in June. I pulled off the green house covers when I knew it was safe from the last frost. The the weather Turned hot HOT Hot!!! we do not get over 100 degree temps in June and we had several days over. From 105 to 110, on my thermometer. I set up my frost cloths to cover the greenhouse to try and shade the plants but it was too late. I realized that my watering system was not going to work in this heat so I started working on a more inclusive drip system. It has taken all summer but I am finally happy with what I came up with. It was too little too late for these plants. So here we are by mid August those tomato plants were the most scrawny things out there, They were not growing, they were not blooming, and I got few tomatoes. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t add much nutrients to the old soil that I used the last 2 years. (Probably) or they were not getting enough water, the Strawberries definitely took over some of the boxes that I put some of the tomatoes in, so more competition for water and sunlight. Or well they just were not grown for the Central Oregon weather of 2021. What I do know is I had a couple of volunteer tomato plants come up from last years tomato seeds and they are much healthier and have more tomato’s on them than the bought plants. They are side by side in the same boxes….

So here is the orange cherry tomato plant on July 28th.

And here it is on Sept 1 2021. Frosted.
Ohhh Well. I knew I should have put the covers on last night but the forecast was for above freezing temps. Those volunteers were not effected and are happy and growing strong. I did put the covers on tonight just in case.
So now I will wait to see if they pull out of this latest injustice by mother nature if not I will pull them. I am ok with that, this year. I am making plans to work the boxes they are in, any way. Improve the soil maybe get an earlier start….. so hope the growing season of 2022 is better Cause I got new seeds and Plans. All I need is more dirt and a big bag of organic fertilizer.