The third objective was to find as many Covered bridges as I could. Short covered bridge wasn’t one I had looked at online but it was directly off Hwy 20 and my first bridge.

I got this description from Wikipedia
The Short Bridge spans the South Santiam River 12 miles east of Sweet Home, Oregon near the community of Cascadia. The 105-foot Howe truss type bridge was built in 1945. It is named for Gordon Short, a long-time area resident.[2] The bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[3]

I also found that it is the last surviving covered bridge crossing the South Santiam river. It was originally called the whiskey Butte Bridge when it was built and then later renamed for Gordon Short.

Looking up the South Santiam river from the bridge.

and then down river from the bridge.

The last shot is of the inside of the bridge. Love the different lines.