I have the next 4 days off. My plan was to go hiking each of the 4 days. Long hike, short hike, long hike ,short… This idea was made when the temps were still in the upper 70’s lower 80’s. But mother nature had other plans. She turned up the thermostat and struck a little lightning down south. No big deal here in Central Oregon but  she decided to add a bit of wind to bring the smoke right into the areas I was planning on going hiking.  As a matter of fact these photos I took tonight and posted, may be the best mountain shots I see all week.
My plan is still to go hiking but instead of starting with Canyon Creek Meadows early in the day I will do Tombstone meadow a bit later in the morning. Hiking in the evergreen trees looking for wild flowers may be a better idea than hiking up to the upper meadows at the base of 3 finger Jack. A hike along the river might be much more refreshing than trying to go up Tumalo Mtn.  Hopefully the smoke will clear a bit later in the week.
After all there is a lot to See in Oregon, and a lot of wonderful places to revisit.