This weeks trip started with a question from my brother. Where was Grandma Wyman’s place in Crabtree? Well Grandma and Grandad never lived in Crabtree but between Scio and Stayton. The more the conversation went on the more my curiosity on how good my 50+ year old memory was and todays reality. So this trip was hatched during that conversation. It was a good trip. Hot but worth it. I found their former dairy farm with no problems. Some changes but the house and barn are standing and very well maintained. It hadn’t been a dairy farm in my lifetime, so no disappointments that it still wasn’t.
There were many stops along the way since I decided that we would try and find several of the covered bridges, and maybe an old rusted car or truck. Again No disappointments, I will have several posts from this trip.
This first post is from our rest stop. I knew that Cascadia St Park was about half way or a little less, so I decided to stop get out and walk around. Because I didn’t really know what my timeline was I didn’t take the time to really check this park out. I wish I had. I did however take the time to walk back to the bridge that crossed the South Santiam River. The morning light was incredible. My first impression was how nice and cool it was.

Everything was lush and green after coming from the dryer hotter east side of the cascades

Looking up river the water was clear and clean, ready for swimming on this hot day.

Down river from the bridge was the same. Next time. I think we will make an effort to come just here to explore and enjoy.