It has been a couple years ago that I last went to Steelhead falls on the Deschutes river. The last trip was on April Fools day and it didn’t end well. One broken lens, a cracked camera, a smacked tripod, a nervous German Shepherd, and a couple frazzled people.
But it was my birthday, a beautiful day, and I was determined to go. Although I would have been just as happy… Well Happier if it had been foggy, we got there just about noon and the sun was high the glare on the river intense. Because the river is down in the canyon it is hard to gauge when the best light would be. I did know that noon would not be it, but that is when we got there.
The hike started out well since Aurora didn’t bark at the people with the fishing poles but Nova did. (sigh). Soon we were the only people on the trail. The trail is only half a mile long but it is rough and not designed for easy access. Great for cardio though. Wrestling a big dog, who is not happy with this trail and a tripod with camera equipment made the trip down the canyon a challenge and since Sue had a sore knee and hip with the smaller germy the challenge was even greater. Soon we made it to the falls

Looking downriver just above the falls

This shot was just above the falls. A few yards down we came out to the large rock area that juts out just below the falls. The glare on the water was intense, but I took photos anyway. I liked the way the light came through the water as it fell over the rocks. The trail continues on down the river but this was our destination so we turned around here.

Steelhead falls Deschutes river

The trip turned out ok ,the hike back up out of the canyon was stiff but we stopped in the shady spots and took off the sweatshirts. Who knew it would be over 60 degrees down there. The new camera, new lens, and new tripod, all survived the trip and Aurora was a bit better about the trail going out. Nova still didn’t like it. It was a learning experience for all of us. I really gotta learn this new tripod.
Will we go back absolutely. I think later in the day, maybe a cloudy day, maybe when there are leaves on the bushes. I would also like to hike back up river like we did a couple years ago. The canyon shots were incredible from there, and there were some wild flowers then. So maybe another April or May trip. Just not April Fools day.