All of a sudden I find I am collecting pens. Most of the time I don’t pay much attention to them unless I need them and can’t find one. Lately I have been using them as a size prop for my notecards. Maybe even suggest writing is not dead and it would be nice to use one of my cards and a beautiful smooth writing pen.

Now the black pen is a basic Gel pen you can pick it up in any variety store as a pack of 10 or 25 or what ever. The silver one is a smooth feeling smooth writing sleek pen I got somewhere 20 years ago. I liked it so much that I kept it even after it ran out of ink, and I could not figure out how to get a replacement cartridge. The Curly Maple wood one was a gift. smooth and slim just like I like them. These three pens I figured out, made interesting props with my cards, however when I found the silver gray wool fabric for my background the silver pen just didn’t show up well. In the desk drawer it went. As of now all of my cards listed in my Etsy shop Deanne Dement Photos are shown with one or both of the black or wood pen. I thought maybe I would find another wood pen but man they are expensive. So the thought went through my mind that I should put a notice in my listings that the pens were not included in the sale. Lucky it has not been an issue. The Gold pen and the Ice Blue pen I found in a office supply store. I don’t know what happened I swear the gold one winked at me and said “You know I would be very photogenic.” and the blue one said “look at the sign, Buy one and get the second for half price” I got them both. Of course I had to test them for writability, and the best place was in my journal. Yo Baby they are smooth.

However I have to admit I am not really good at writing my journal. It was suggested that keeping a journal along with your photography was a good idea. You know highlights of the hike or trip, great ideas, random thoughts. But as I said I am not good at remembering to write in it. The current journal has maybe 20 pages written on and it covers 3 years. Sigh. That sleek shiny Blue pen might help. Or not.
One of the things I have been kicking around in my mind is having some journals printed up with my photographs. The white journal with the photograph is similar to what I would like to do. I asked Press Pro’s if they could make them and they could with spiral bound rather than hard. I am ok with that. But we didn’t talk price, so it could be out of my current budget.
I don’t think writing with pens is dead. There are sure some mighty fine pens out there. Who knows what pens I might find out there in the big wide world. Pens I might need, like this Rust and Black one. It isn’t a pen I really like, Too chunky and not smooth. I am not even sure how I got it because It belongs to my youngest brother. I think he handed it to me during a construction project and somehow it ended up in my desk drawer. Two years later. Maybe I should give it back to him with a notecard.