What a beautiful summer morning. A bit smoky but not to bad.
I realized that I hadn’t harvested the peas yet, and it was a pleasant morning perfect for a bit of harvesting. Filling a bowl with the pea pods I sat down at the table, getting ready to shell them. Just as I started I thought ” I should photograph these”. I cleaned the pea pods out of the bowl got the pods ready to shell, shelled a few, grabbed the camera and lenses and got to work

Pre thinking what I wanted I set up the shot. The sun was just starting to heat up the area I was in on my deck and while I was in the shade it was still warming up fast. I took a couple shots and my camera said that the SD card was full. So I downloaded the 2 photos + the 2 raw photos and tried again. This time I got 1 shot and it said it was full again. Both times I checked the card in a small point and shoot camera and it showed the card was empty. Obviously a card failure. Swapping out the card I got better results. Then I realized that I was in the shade and the white balance was set for full on sun. I corrected that. Now it was time to shell those peas and get the photo I envisioned.

This is probably my favorite of the shots but it doesn’t work for the Featured photo. One thing I am learning is to take a horizontal shot. Several of the online formats just don’t show the photo well if it isn’t horizontal.
It is Good to practice Flexibility.