Every once in a while I decide to buy clay pots for my garden, or something that I plan on growing in the house. Most have not survived my abuse or lack of care because I left them outside. They were not designed for our hot, cold, wet, dry, windy weather. But I like them.

Early this summer I got the chance to go visit my youngest brother and his wife. They live on the West side of the Cascades and I live on the East. I was curious so see my Sister in Law’s garden. Things grow on the West side with ease, on the East side not so much. My garden was, and still is, pretty pitiful, I expected hers would put mine to shame…. simply because she has had some fantastic gardens the last couple years when I did get to visit. Not so much, this year, because of the covid-19 she has been really busy and hadn’t gotten to the gardening. For the same reason, I have had all the time in the world, but mother nature was not cooperative, and took exception to my garden. I did get to see the structure or bones of her little garden, and I liked what I was seeing. There was a blueberry bush in a wood planter, I had just recently noticed that Down to Earth had a fertilizer that was for blueberries and other acid loving plants… Hmmm could I grow blueberries here? Worth a little investigation. And I noticed several interesting ceramic or clay pots. Some were planted and some were waiting for the flowers, that were there. Hmmm I… like…
I already had the cobalt Blue pot, it has been out in the weather for a few years but I have never been able to find anything to plant in it. Then there is the partially glazed turquoise clay pot also outside for a few years, and I have never put anything in it. I have the “Welcome to my Garden”, resin rock sign paired with with the turquoise pot and some garden tools. Recently on a trip to a thrift shop I spotted the green painted pot along with it’s saucer, so paired it with the Garden rock too. The nice thing is I can take these and put them up for the winter or leave them. Sure has made finding those 2 tools easier when I need them.
I haven’t been able to put the cobalt planter in a permanent home but for now by the house with my cowboy is fine.

I have 2 of these Strawberry pots and found that in our climate I could not grow strawberries in them very well. They are both empty right now and I played with placement for them.

Finally decided one on the end of each of the rock flowerbeds, next to the pathway. I recently read a book about alternative eco friendly watering ideas. One idea I liked was to put a PVC pipe with holes drilled into the sides in the center of the pot before your filled it with dirt, then fill it with water. The water will seep out the holes slowly watering the plants from the center out rather than the out side in, and you may only have to water once a week or as needed. I need to check out some 2 or 3 inch PVC and see what might work. I probably have some in my lean to. I am thinking I can plant some Portulaca in the pots and they can just take over. They like a little dry and will be quite colorful in my back yard.
I am still on the hunt for some cool pottery to use in my yard as visual anchors, I have looked in the thrift shops but only found the 1 item I liked in 3 months.
Every time I go to Bend I go past this new shop in Tumalo that is a pottery place. Yesterday I finally stopped. I am now inspired. I found a whole lot of color and shapes of pots that I really like. I must work within my budget though, so I got this matte finished turquoise pot, when I got it home I decided that it would look good in the Creeping Virginia especially now that the leaves are changing color.

I loved it and thought I need another one that is a bit bigger for this spot. I shifted my finances around and went back to the Pottery House. I also wanted one of the round clay balls in the orange red. I could not get a bigger pot of the turquoise and the ball, sigh…. I did wander around more and found a different glaze green and turquoise pot and I loved it so came home with two more items for my garden.

My vision was that the red ball would look fantastic under this juniper tree, and I was right it worked well with the red kettle that I had hung on the tree a couple years ago. The blue green drip glaze pot is not cooperating though. Everywhere I put it, it blended in. Well for now it looks good against the juniper and the red ball.
So now I have begun the process of adding clay pottery to my garden. Although I blew my mad money for this month I will have to wait a bit before I go back to that pottery shop.
In the mean time I have 4 new planter boxes filled with dirt, ready to be planted with my strawberries that over ran my green house. The weather people are promising rain for this weekend and I am ready.
I can’t wait to see what inspires me next