Happy Mothers day. I am dedicating this hike to my mom. We went on many hikes during furthering both of our loves of photography. Though we never did this hike together.
The hike started out by the rest rooms (there is two other trail heads heading north at the bridge that loop around the McKenzie river and Koosah and Sahalie falls) The sign is simple and doesn’t say where it goes.you step onto the trail and you are instantly in the forest. about 20 feet further you come upon another  trail sign This one  tells you that you are on  the Mckenzie river trail 3507.
Look to the right and you are heading towards the north and Sahalie falls.
Look to the left and you are headed towards Blue pool Tamolitch falls.
Then you see the trail condition sign. a few feet further down. 
It shows an area of the trail this has some flooding from a few inches deep to nearly 3 feet deep. Due to a high flow of water from Clear lake, the Carmen reservoir is releasing more water into the traditional river bed. Because there is so much water it is not only seeping down underground but flowing above the ground as well creating a beautiful river. Most of the water had receded and the puddles were not nearly as deep but still there.. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I might see the unusual sight of the water going over the falls instead of coming up from the base of the rock wall.
The trail was not difficult and it is 3 miles to the Blue pool but because the river was beside us most of the way it was quite enjoyable.
There were many wildflowers and the photo opportunities were endless.

White trilliums
Purple Deerhead/Calypso Orchids       
The trail went into the forest and along the river.
except the river is not usually there on a normal year. and there were many areas that the trees were standing in the middle of the river.
we met a few bicyclists but no hikers, Aurora was in hiking heaven. she is ok with the bikers.
  The weather was perfect mostly dry, some sun some gray a bit of rain. perfect conditions for those flower shots and trail shots. we fond yellow wood violets and
the red wild current flowers
and white Fairy bell flowers.
and all along the trail the river flows steady and strong I even got to use my ultra wide lens

This falls is just above the Tamolitch falls drop
     It was incredible the flow of water was so strong you could not go to the other side. The colors were so intense I hoped I could capture some of it. And it was raining lightly. Perfect…
However we still had a 3 mile hike out so we couldn’t stay long 
all in all we had a great time.
and hated to leave