I woke up this morning feeling aches and pains in my Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck, and Ribs. Well that is not unusual, I am getting older. But this was different. I haven’t been around anyone with the flu or the Corona Virus. I am not even running a temperature. It is hayfever season, and I did spend an hour out taking photos in the junipers. So shrugging it off I went and took a couple antihistamine pills. What the heck I am not driving anywhere anyway. I had a few packages to take down to the mailbox, so I made the trek down to the road with them, as I was hiking up the upper portion of my driveway I noticed that my early daffodils are in bloom. How did I miss those yesterday? Probably because they were under 3 inches of snow. Grabbing my camera changing the lens to the Macro lens I went out to photograph the early beauties.

Imagine a human pretzel. The daffodils are only about 3 inches high and I need to get low to get the shot. I am down on my knees and elbow. The hands and arms that are holding the camera to my eye are close to my body. One elbow up in the air. The other elbow is on the ground holding me up. My head is getting down to the same level as my knees. I am twisted and turned in many different ways. After a couple minutes of this every muscle that groaned in protest this morning was talking full blown smack to me now. I guess I am not as flexible as I used to be…. But I got the shots.
And we still have some of that snow in the shady spots