Mother nature and I have had this on going battle with the placement of my greenhouse. Growing anything in Central Oregon is always a challenge, unless you are growing sage brush or cheat grass.
I knew that we have serious winds reaching speeds of 70+ mph, but I thought if I tucked it behind the house it should not be getting hit with the brunt of the wind. I was wrong.
My first winter after one of our more nasty storms I found the green house snagged on the wood pile

By the second spring I had the seams start splitting due to the force of the wind so I ordered some green house plastic

I figured that I could use it under the green cover, and I could attach the frame to the growing boxes inside. Mother nature Loved that idea… she simply blew both of them off the frame and filled it with air so I could admire her handiwork.

then she twisted the frame breaking it.

Back to the thinking board. I gotta figure out how to make this green house stay put…..
I bought some poultry wire and stretched it across the frame completely covering it, leaving space for door ways on each end. I am hoping that this will give the cover some support. Now I need to find some thing to anchor down the frame separate from the boxes inside.

A trip down the camping supplies isle in Bimart and I found what I needed.

I placed 14 of these stakes in the ground. 8 outside and 6 inside.

I placed the plastic cover over the frame and then anchored it down with the rope. inside and out.
I am so ready….. of course I need to put a cover over the ends so that the wind doesn’t blow through. Still working on that. For right now I am using the clear panel pieces that I had cut up the year before for another anchor project that didn’t work. At this point I am not worried about saving my sensitive plants because they have already been frosted but I have some cool weather crops I am hoping to extend for a while…. I am just hoping this works so I can start planting the lettuce and carrots in April instead of June…..
Give me your best Mother Nature I am accepting your challenge