It seems to me we never check or even appreciate what is in our own backyard, until it is not. The Owen Rose Garden is one of those places. I grew up in Eugene, I started my photography in Eugene. I rode my bicycle past this garden for years but I  only stopped a couple times, it was always early season and not impressive.  I have always wanted to go there though when the roses were in full bloom. Now I find that I have lived in Central Oregon as long as I lived in Eugene and I finally stopped at the rose garden, on a trip to pick up produce.
The first week the weather was perfect, it was a high overcast. My friend Susan and I spent an hour there, and I didn’t cover half the park. But I got some fantastic rose photos, and there was an incredible curved metal arch sculpture, I wanted a closer look at. So I decided to come back the next week and spend more time photographing. What do you know it was raining lightly the second time. Was that not the most incredible weather and light for a rose garden??? Rain drops on roses?? We spent 3 hours this time.
The Owen Rose garden is on Jefferson St and next to the Willamette river. The parking lot is easy to get into and easy to find parking. You are greeted by the huge Arbor covered with roses and other vines. there are picnic tables and places to sit.
When we pulled up we were greeted but this old fashioned rose, that reminded me the roses are in the same family as the cherries and apples. If I didn’t know better I would think this was cherry blossoms.
All the trails were wide and lightly graveled making it easy to walk in
       and the arches were paved with bricks in a smooth easy to navigate trail
The arches all rested on cement pedestals and had power ending in lights in the center. Now if I could only figure out how to build one of these in my yard…..
I loved this shot. I was talking to Susan about something when I stopped talking and lined up the shot of the rose garden, The grain elevator (that is still in use) and Spencer Butte. All of these things are part of my memories of Eugene.
Then there is the Cherry tree. The year I graduated from high school it was 130 years old now it stands at 170+ years. It is a Black Tartarian Cherry tree.
The Late blooms were fantastic and I would like to have come earlier in the season but you know there is always next year. For that matter later this year.
Now for the Rose Shots there were so many and I think most if not all of them will be made into note cards
  Pumpkin Patch Floribunda

Milestone Hybrid Tea
Lava Flow Floribunda
   Royal William Hybrid Tea
  Chihuly Floribunda
  Tequila Supreme Floribunda
American Spirit Hybrid Tea
Brass Band Floribunda
  Sparkle and Shine Floribunda
  Candelabra Grandiflora

Caribbean Grandiflora                                                         Marina Floribunda

Eureka Floribunda                                    Strike it Rich Hybrid Tea
  Carefree Spirit Floribunda
Olympiad Hybrid Tea                             Firelight Hybrid Tea                                 We salute you Floribunda
Moon dance Floribunda The most fragrant smelling
Timeless Hybrid Tea              Happy Go Lucky Floribunda                          Pink Promise Hybrid Tea
and last, one of my favorite photos Dickey Floribunda and a Bracken Fern
So now you have a quick tour of the late summer roses I found at the Owen Rose Garden. I will defiantly go back and I have to admit I can’t wait to see these as note cards