Let the hiking begin. New boots on, camera equipment loaded in the car German Shepherd dancing on her lead, hiking partner gathering her gear. Let’s Go!!!
My hiking photo partner’s boss changed her days off so we are trying to find the quick local areas, we can get to and hike in a short time.
Thursdays goal was The Metolius River at the Fish Hatchery and maybe Bridge 99.  I didn’t care rain or shine we were going.  The day ended up being a bluebird sunny day. I knew there would be snow up there, I didn’t know how much.  The turn off to the fish hatchery and campgrounds was not plowed so we had to go through Camp Sherman. It added a bit more time to the trip but that was ok, it is a beautiful drive. We were only able to go  to the Wizard Falls Hatchery and no further. Since the original goal was the bridge at the hatchery it was a score!!
This photo and the top photo were taken from the bridge looking south down river. The incredible turquoise blue is so intense that I spent much time trying to capture the colors
and the bright green algae in the water up against the deep blue of the shaded water,  the bright whites and turquoises of the sunny water.I took a lot of photos of this

I did photograph the river looking down river towards the north. There was still quite a bit of snow along the east bank.

We decided to go up the trail a bit on the east side of the river. the trail was pretty nicely compacted and it was easy hiking. Too bad we didn’t think we had enough time to do more than a few yards. this is the bridge looking back from the east bank.

and then looking down river  from the same trail.
Just hanging out till spring comes. I loved the shadows on the snow and the form of this tree top.
I have to admit the best thing I saw on this trip was the photo I didn’t shoot. It was my 3rd siting of a Bald Eagle this week. I was so surprised I just didn’t lift the camera and try.
I think we will be going back to this spot more in the coming weeks  and maybe we will be able to get to Bridge 99 and hike the trails up there.