Seventeen days ago today my friend Susan, and I brought home a new puppy. Nova. Like Aurora she is a full blood German Shepherd. Each puppy I have brought home has a different personality   Nova is the mischievous one and a pretty good escape artist. Aurora was the book killer, Helios loved shoes, and Solara loved everybody and had very few enemy’s.  Yet many of the routines are the same. You have to get up every few hours to put the puppy out, putting things out of reach every few days cause the puppy keeps getting taller, getting back into little walks and hikes for exercise and the biggie cleaning the carpet. Today was spot cleaning the carpet day.
I made both dogs stay in the back yard while I did the cleaning. They both came in and promptly collapsed on their sleeping areas falling deeply asleep. You would think they did the cleaning work.
The most fun will be taking photos of Nova  and Aurora since I have gotten back into my photography. I already started a card line with Aurora’s photos.


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