The second objective of this trip to find Grandma’s house was to find some old cars along the road. The rustier and worn the better. We got closer to Sweet Home and there they were. Actually there were several I passed but This station wagon spoke to me and I stopped in the middle of the road. (Making sure there was no traffic behind me of course.) Turned around and found a place to park.

I loved the look of the old car against the older building that was boarded up and behind the Blackberry Bushes.

We identified the car as a 1956 Ford Country Sedan station wagon. (Uhh with a couple of Oldsmobile hubcaps on the wheels.) I stand corrected the hubcaps are Pontiac.

I got this description from Wikipedia

The Ford Country Sedan is a full-size station wagon that was built by Ford from 1952 until 1974.

It was based on the Ford full-size car line available in each year. The Country Sedan was the mid-trim station wagon in the Ford range. Unlike the Country Squire, the Country Sedan featured plain body sides. As a full-size wagon, it could carry up to 9 passengers, if so equipped.