When I decided to make the photo note cards The old red retired fire truck was first on my list. I was first  introduced to this truck back in the mid 80’s while I was in a camera club. It was in the show and tell part of the evening.  The rule in the camera club was that you never told where the truck was. If you found it that was ok and it was ok to show somebody where it was but you couldn’t tell anybody. That way it was less likely to be removed. On my drives through the countryside I found it, and photographed it several times.
I moved away from the area and 20+ years later went back it was still there. These photos are from that trip.
I don’t know this history of this truck. whether it was a Volunteer fire department truck,  if it was a State Forestry fire truck, or if it belong to a logging company as part of their fire patrol. After a bit of searching I found that it is probably a 1941 Chevy truck.
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