In spite of the help from my assistants last Thursday, I did get some photographs made. The original challenge was to take the items I bought at Goodwill, the Gourds Pumpkins Indian Corn and other plant items I picked up in the Willamette Valley earlier in the month, and combine them with other stuff I have around the house and make photos. The Goodwill Items were the Turquoise vase, the ceramic Cornucopia and the fake rock with the saying Welcome to my garden. The plant Items were a few pumpkins a Hubbard squash, some Gourds some Indian corn, Filberts / Hazelnuts., some seed pods from a tree down in the Cottage Grove area. I later added some feathers and a very vintage canning jar that belonged to my Grandmother.
Some of the challenge Items.  The fake garden rock didn’t work so well.
Here are the results of the challenge that I really liked.
Can’t wait to see what I come up with for this week