The last post was from the end of the day on my last trip to Eugene. This post is from the beginning of that same trip.  There is a small county park rest stop that I usually stop at on my way to Eugene. It is a great place to get out stretch the legs and pour myself another cup of coffee.  I always seem to  get the camera out, too. Jeannie B Harris wayside is not spectacular it does not have any spectacular views but there is something special there. Leaves, feathers, ferns ,big trees… If you walk through the park there is the  McKenzie river, and several picnic tables. This trip was no exception. I had the camera out within a few minutes and was photographing the leaves on the ground and the Raven feathers somebody put along the edge of the park sign. My Friend Susan and I spent maybe 20 minutes there. It was great.
  Dogwood leaves
   Big Leaf Maple leaves and
the Raven feathers in the sign.
I love to take close up photos. All I need to do is take the time to look around