I have been thinking about what would make good note cards to sell. Something unique that nobody else has. My friend Lynne suggested using my scrabble word photos. I like that idea.  Here are some photographs I took in 2016 that I think would be good. I haven’t even looked at the photos from 2017 for this project.

I am also thinking about bright colors and sparkles.
Maybe the old red fire truck
Scenic and landscapes including water falls or maybe the water falls should be separate with rivers

Trails in the woods.
Flowers wild and domestic. Ferns and other close ups in nature

Close ups that are not nature

And close up harvest type photos fruits veggies…

So here is my problem as a starter I was thinking 10 different photos maybe more if the price is right. I want to be able to add more photos as the year progresses and I get started selling  Some of these would obviously be later in the year some I would probably retake this year. Some of the categories I have more photos than I am showing because they are in 2017 or 2018.

hmmm maybe I start with 10 categories and pick a starter photo for each… or 5 categories and 2 starter photos…
Anybody have ideas ?