We in Central Oregon got hit with a double whammy. The first presumptive positive test came back announcing that the Corona Virus was here, and a snow storm moved in giving us 5+ inches of snow on the ground. Staying home was an easy choice. Working from home made it even easier. I have recently gotten a library card and had made a few trips for books. When the first positive for the virus in the county hit, I made another quick dash to the library and had 15 minutes to pick out more books. One was a photography book. It has a nice cover and title. I will read it soon. Another is a social media marketing book titled Kick Ass, Social Commerce for E-Prenures , by John Lawson. I am reading it now. I am about a third of the way through it and I see some of my errors and some of the things I am doing right but not good enough. Some of the things I am really doing right is with my pattern sales but not the notecards. I am putting note cards in some of my patterns sales, with people that I have built a nice rapport with and I am hoping that will generate some interest in my website. But that isn’t good enough. I do have a blog and that is one of the best ways to get the attention by Bing and Google that I need. I need to do better. I was just starting on that when I took a quick break and checked the day out in the front yard. All of a sudden my focus changed, and I went out to photograph one of my garden suns and it’s shadow. There is snow, there is sun, there are shadows, and there is ice. I have new photo’s for this post instead of some of my older photos. I am enthused, I got out in the fresh air, and the temp was just coming up above freezing. I watched air bubbles in the water under the ice surface, and chased the sun around bushes. I didn’t even leave my yard and I had a lot of new subjects, photographed.

Tomorrow most of this will be gone or different. Today I got it, and I got a better blog because I went out and took the photos. Tomorrow I go look for different subjects. There are places I can go, where there are not people, and the dogs can roam while I am taking photographs and enjoying the sun and fresh air. I don’t have to worry about sharing virus germs with anybody out there.