new boots 2-23-17

These poor old boots have to be the best and most comfortable boots I have ever had. Thank You Columbia Sportswear for a great pair of hiking boots. It was a great shock to see all 4 seams pop on the same day last spring and I can’t retire them yet, because I haven’t found another pair to replace them with. Besides these still have much life in them even if they no longer keep my feet dry.
These boots have taken me down many a trail

and up many a dusty road

leaving nothing but tracks in the dirt

They have kept my feet dry and warm while trying to get that perfect waterfall shot.

They have worked with me in the yard

and allowed me to hop skip jump and climb the big rocks I encounter on my way, with the solidness and security I demand.

They have allowed me to take the log bridges in stride, with no fears of slipping

and they have allowed me to enjoy many grand sweeping views.

They have even survived the shoelace assassin

Who didn’t simply chew off the ends but chewed the laces up the center of the boots. (There are several pairs of shoes with mismatched shoe laces in my home.)
So here is a cheer to a pair of hiking boots that have served me well. May I get another year or two out of them

or maybe find another pair to replace them allowing them to retire to back up status.