I have my next group of photo notecard sets listed on my Etsy shop. My choice this time was hiking trails along the McKenzie river.
As a native Oregonian I am hard pressed to say which river is my favorite. I have traveled and played in many. Lately I have been going to the McKenzie. I love hiking the trails along the river, they are peaceful and calming. No matter what time of the year. Forest trails can be a great place to think rejuvenate and regroup. You can share my enjoyment with these 4 great photos on blank notecards.
The first card is titled: Early spring trail in the maple forest.

The second card is titled: Early spring trail in the Big leaf maple forest.

The third card is titled: Summer morning mist in the Douglas fir

The fourth card is titled: Fall morning river trail

and the complete set : Trails along the McKenzie River Oregon early spring trails summer trail early fall trail

If you would like to purchase this set it is in:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeanneDementPhotos https://www.etsy.com/listing/610218536/trails-along-the-mckenzie-river-oregon
Hope you enjoy these