A while back I got a nice comment on my blog from someone from Waterfall magazine, or at least the comment came through Waterfall magazine. I got a couple of other nice comments and thought Wow! finally I am being seen on Google. Then the comments got a bit weird and in some cases argumentative. Then the Spam started. They didn’t seem to be connected to my blogs at all. So the germies and I hit the trail to explore and think….

We explored my favorite butte crisscrossing and thinking.

What I came up with was, that the questions and comments were not for my blog but somebody else’s and they were showing up on mine. What clued me in was that someone else complained, they were getting the same thing and wanted to be removed from my feed but it wasn’t my feed, it was Waterfall’s. My decision was to delete or report as spam all the comments, hoping that would solve the problem. Nope tonight there were more. So I finally decided that in order to stop the feed I would have to remove the entry point which was 2 of my products.
I honestly feel invaded by something beyond my control, I should not have to remove my product to stop something I didn’t ask for. I would welcome any comments and I would answer any questions you have. I would love to hear that people are actually reading my posts. But please be respectful, and don’t try and fill my post with Spam. I will delete it.
There was one silver lining in my thoughtful wandering on the butte I did find an old friend. I love these old twisted junipers I first photographed this old juniper and the 3 sisters on August 20 2017 during the eclipse and a forest fire.

This shot was taken a few seconds after the total darkness of the sun at 10:15 am. The mountains came out of the smoke and were visible.

In my wanderings I found the tree again and photographed it on August 20th 2020 at 8:50 am. In all my travels across this butte I had not seen this tree since the eclipse and I had looked for it. I figured it probably had gotten knocked down, broken or I was just missing it.
I didn’t connect the dates until I started this blog post and needed to find the original photo. Part of the reason I had wandered to this end of the butte was I wanted to photograph the smoke from another fire, that was only visible from the north end of the butte.

Some things stay the same, and some things change. I hope my blog changes for the better and never stays the same. The canyon will probably stay the same in my lifetime.