Owens Memorial Rose Garden In Eugene Oregon.
This first photo and the featured photo are actually from a trip in September 2018. I used them in that post as well.
I was so excited to be able to go back to the Rose garden this year and just didn’t think to take photos of the entrance arbor. This day in the photo, was overcast and cool, Thursday was the opposite, It was sunny, warm and very humid. Temps in the upper 70’s lower 80’s and humidity at 75%. I have acclimated to the dry heat of Central Oregon, and the humidity was overwhelming. With nearly 3 hours to use up, before meeting my family, I had a Fantastic Time. I used up my 4 gig SD card and had to switch to one of the 8 gig’s. (I had forgotten that taking photos in jpeg and Raw take up a lot of space.) I used up the battery in my camera and had to swap it out, it was at quarter when I started and I always have a spare. I wore my photo vest with all my lenses, but only used my favorite glass Macro lens, that extra layer of clothing was adding to my heat exhaustion. I admit I did take more time photographing the roses in the shade than in the sun, but more of them were in the sun. I had Ice water in the car that was parked in the shade. When I finished I sat in the shady car, poured myself a couple coffee cups of ice water then finished it off with a bit of coffee, because I needed my caffeine too.
I had taken over 200 photos and when you add the raw there were over 400 photos to down load and sort. It took a little over 2 hours to get home and I decided to down load all of the photos into my computer and then sort the Raw photos into their own file. Not a wise choice at midnight but I did it anyway, finishing at 2am. I knew that on 4 hours of sleep I would not be appreciating these photos so I waited till today to really look at them. There were way to many favorites to make one post out of, my choice is to make several posts about each rose I liked. I am also trying to cut down on how many photos are in one post. Way hard for me….
Today’s post I will start with one of my favorite to photograph.
Chihuly Floribunda

From Weeks Roses description:
Named to honor America’s famous glass artist, Dale Chihuly. This rose has it all, impeccable style & an ever-changing array of flashy colors. As the sun hits the opening petals, they blush from subtly-striped apricot yellow to dazzling orange & deep red…producing a remarkable display against the deep dark green leaves & mahogany-red new growth.

This rose sits in the shade of a 100 year old cherry tree, in the late afternoon. It calls to me with a glowing fire that draws me in and I can spend quite a bit of time photographing it.
When I started photography in the 80’s a couple of my favorite instructors said get a little pocket notebook and a pen. Learn to write everything down, Date, Time Where you are, What the subject is, What lens you used, F /stop, Shutter speed and ISO of the film. This will make you think about what you are doing, slow you down, and can be used as a reference later when you get your film back from processing. Today with digital camera’s most of that is recorded, and you can change things like ISO mid stream. Plus you don’t have to wait for the film to be processed. The one thing my camera doesn’t record in the meta data is where I am or what my subject is. I don’t carry that notebook around anymore and my answer is to photograph signs. That created another batch of challenges, like the sign for the rose I want to photograph is on the other side of the bed, if I photograph the rose first then I don’t always remember what that rose is. The sign is frequently in the shade and the rose is in the bright hot sun. I have to remember to adjust for shade to bright light, or the reverse. Too bright or too dark. And sometimes I get in a hurry and don’t focus the sign.

or check the shutter speed/ ISO rating.
No matter that sign tells me a lot and I can find what information I need blurry or not. it is just a reference.